Friday, April 9, 2010


We recently posted videos from Dierks Bentley's visit with nationally syndicated radio personalities Big D & Bubba. That caught the eye of their Executive Producer and prompted the following email:
"Thanks for posting the videos! We appreciate it! If you’re interested, here is a Dierks photo gallery we put together to go with the interview."
Patrick Thomas
Executive Producer
“Big D and Bubba Show”
Premiere Radio Networks
Well of course we're interested! We'll take any photo of our DBC president we can get our hands on! Thank YOU! I'm posting a few here, and then will link to the other fabulous shots! As Dierks would say, killer, dude!

Can anyone guess the year each photo was taken? Seems D and Big D and Bubba have all been buds a long time! Hey, even their initals match!

Enjoy the rest of the fantastic photographs here! Thanks, Patrick!


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