Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The cover to the 'Up On the Ridge' album was revealed today on dierks.com! I'm really liking the rustic feel of it. Kind of gives a preview of what's inside.

And along with the cover, we also got the release date of June 8th!

That's the Tuesday before CMA Fest starts so anyone heading down to Nashville early, get ready to spread the word! Talk to people in line at the convention center, pass out fliers to people waiting at the Riverfront stages all day or recruit some new fan club members between acts at the nightly concerts! With that many country music fans in one spot, the opportunity to promote the new cd is endless! I know we have a lot of creative people in the fan club and I can't wait to see what we can come up with.

With that, I leave you with some videos from Dierks' visit with the Big D and Bubba show. To everyone traveling to the shows this week, be safe and have fun!

Have a great week everyone!

-Stephanie, DBC Historian


  1. Stephanie, you rock! You just saved me a ton of time! Thanks so much for chipping in and posting this!

    She's right, congress! We DO have a lot of creative fan clubbers! Let's get the album and the first single to #1!

    Up On The Ridge, the single, releases to radio April 12! That's next week already! Start calling your DJs!



  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I love the sooooong! *continues the happy Dierks dance*

  3. Thanks Steph, for posting this! I had a good laugh watching those!

  4. You have to think he will be playing Up on the Ridge at the CMT Awards...

  5. That was great! I enjoyed watching those. Thanks for sharing... Tanya DB congress rep NC