Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Check out this preview video from Dierks Bentley's PR company, The Green Room. It shows a little bit of some of the songs on the new record, as Dierks and the gang are recording it in the studio. Listen and watch as Dierks explains the rationale behind Up On The Ridge.

"I'm a songwriter, I'm a musician, my roots are in this town and in acoustic music and country and Bluegrass. I want records to be like books you've written, you can always go back and pull one down and be like, I'm really proud of this."

Thanks to Mary from The Green Room for giving us a special glimpse of this much anticipated and unique body of work from our favorite artist!

The Up On The Ridge album is set for a June 8 release date, and the single of the same name is due to radio Monday, April 12! Start requesting!


  1. What is the name on the door of the studio he walks in to? I have a prize for the first person to get it right!

  2. It's studio d, right? That's all I saw.

  3. YES! I missed it the first time, but saw it the 2nd time around! You girls want business cards or decals or both?

  4. The more "sneak peek" I get for this album, the more excited I get. And just 3 weeks 'till my first show of the year!

  5. This waiting is killing me. I can't wait until the release of the album. Will be ready to send those request out Monday. Thanks for the heads up Ronna!! Dawn