Monday, April 12, 2010


Inspired by his roots, Dierks Bentley released his new single, 'Up On The Ridge,' to country radio today! The title track from the upcoming June 8 album is definitely a departure from the norm for Dierks. He's been criticized for not being country enough, but Up On the Ridge goes back to the beginning with lyrics like...

shout your name out in the wind, 'fess my love for you again
give you all I got to give that's how we live up on the ridge
won't you come with me tonight when moonlight drips into your eyes
I just want one little kiss, when we get high up on the ridge.

...and you can't help but see the imagery in your mind's eye.

Written by Dierks and Angelo Petraglia, with background vocals by Alison Krauss, the fast-paced pickin' of the mandolin and banjo bring a rootsy folk tune to modern-day life.

Even his dog gets his own line: hear old Jake start to howl when he hears that old hoot owl.

Want to hear the entire song? Go to, Community, Audio/Video archives.

Special thanks to our friends at Urban Country Blog for promoting the single!

Attention DB Congress: It's time to pull out all the stops! This is Primary Campaign #1! Start requesting, calling, texting, emailing, facebooking, and tweeting your favorite DJs to play Up On The Ridge!

Attention country radio: Will you be the first to play it on the air? Leave us a comment or a tweet and let us know!

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