Monday, April 12, 2010


Tradition continues for Dierks Bentley's annual Fan Club party, the Wednesday before CMA Fest Thursday. This year though, Last Call Ball 6 is set for a late night start, following the CMT Music Awards. Since Dierks is nominated for an award, he naturally needs to be there to accept when his name is called for Performance of the Year, so the fan-clubbers will have to be willing to wait until 10PM on Wednesday, June 9 for the LCB6 party!

OK, so it's not a given that he will win, and it's not even for sure that he'll make the final four nominees. That's where you come in! Please VOTE and ask all your family and friends to help get Dierks to the next round!

The CMT Music Awards begin at 7PM central on June 9, 2010 (Nashville time), and I know many fans already have tickets to the show AND want to go to LCB6 as well. My best guess is that awards shows usually run about 3 hours.

Details for LCB6 information will be posted soon on Here is the post from today in the Fan Club section:
We know you're very anxious to get the details for Last Call Ball 2010, and we're excited to be able to tell you the date and time of the party this year! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 9 at 10PM in Nashville, TN! That's all we can tell you right now, but we'll be announcing more details and ticketing information soon. As you know, Up On The Ridge comes out on June 8, and you can count on this year's Last Call Ball being quite the celebration... You won't want to miss it!
I'm sure they've already made decisions on the logistics, but I just had to post my two cents:

I hope all fan clubbers who can and want to attend, get the opportunity. I know it's nice to be able to bring a guest, but if it means excluding fan clubbers who really want to be there as opposed to a spouse/friend tagging along for the ride and not really a die-hard fan of DB, I opt for the fan clubber. And for those apprehensive about coming alone--don't be! We're one big DB family! I also hope we get at least a few days notice of when tickets will go on sale, so we can plan and arranges our schedules to be online at that time.

What do you think, congress?


  1. Oh, how I hope to get just one ticket! And I just love the advertisement pic for it Ronna!! :)

  2. Somehow I thought you would like that pic, David, considering it's your banner and you took the pic at the 2009 LCB!

  3. I don't remember there being a problem ticket wise last year. I had friends who couldn't get rid of the extra ticket they bought.

    I understand the late start, but I feel bad for people getting up early the next morning for the convention center.

  4. Really? I wish I had known that. I had a waiting list started of at least 15 people who needed a ticket last year! I even posted the fact that I had people waiting!

  5. I agree with you, Ronna! I'm wondering how late the party will run? I hope to get a ticket, too!

  6. I am so excited i was so bummed when i saw he was not going to be a cma fest this totally completes everything he is the best! Cant wait to see everyone!

  7. 10pm?! I wonder how late he will be up that night. I have heard he stays to meet each fanclubber and some of those balls lasted way late. Attending would be a dream come true. But pipe dreams do not come true. SO you all take pictures and write reviews PLEASE!!