Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Our DBC president, Dierks Bentley, snuck in here in the middle of the day and left us a surprise! Four posts in a row in our chat box! He has a special message for those of you attending the Portland show tomorrow night! Check it out!

20 Apr 10, 13:46
dierks: hate shiny and new!...thx. cant believe it the start of the up on the ridge tour...

20 Apr 10, 13:45
dierks: in portland today...if their are in congress members coming out, please bring some cool/funny portland bumber stickers...i have a new gtr case and its all shiny and new...and u know how i

20 Apr 10, 13:44
dierks: was really happy for miranda, lady a and luke. like this picture here...charles had just jumped in the pool...we later thru the president of capitol records in there.

20 Apr 10, 13:43
dierks: meant to write from the acms and tell you all that i was thinking about you...didnt really have a chance to get on my computer. had a blast though. singing with jack was a lot of fun and i

Thanks, dude! We love when you stop by! Just makes our day!


  1. If I was still living at home, I'd be at that Portland show....but I'm in Denver for another month, getting ready to graduate college...Going to the Boulder show on Thursday though!

  2. Soooo nice to from Dierks! Thnx, Dude!

  3. Wow!! Nice that our Prez checked in to give us a shout out. Wished I could be at the show. Hope we get a concert review from some Congress members. Dawn

  4. Very very cool! Can't wait for the Portsmouth NH show! - Lora :-)

  5. Thanks for the screen print. Too cool!!!

  6. That's very cool. And thanks to Nid for screen printing it for those of us who might have missed it while we were at work.

  7. Yes, Nid usually does the screen print for us, but Steph actually taught me how to do it so I was able to post it myself this time! It's hard for Nid being 4 hours ahead of us, too.