Thursday, April 8, 2010


Just when I was about to boycott the ACM Awards for not nominating Dierks Bentley for anything, they go and add him to the list of performers for the April 18 show on CBC at 8 pm eastern. This is good news, but not great. He will be performing a duet with Jack Ingram. Really? Don't you think he deserves a solo to showcase his new Up On The Ridge single?

You remember Dierks, don't you Academy of Country Music? He was your 2003 Top New Artist of the Year and a 2005 Top Male Vocalist Nominee. Wow, that was five years ago and look at all the ground-breaking music he's created, performed and topped the charts with since then, with no acknowledgement from you! Really?

Dierks Quote of the Day:
"The music I have heard from Dierks Bentley's upcoming bluegrass album Up on the Ridge, is very impressive, and I suspect it may well prove to be a career landmark for him." ~Chet Flippo
Maybe 2011 will be DB's year to be recognized by the ACM!

Now, some of you may recall that Dierks was scheduled to perform on the same day for the Dow Live Earth Run benefit in Minnesota. He's been replaced by Estelle, with a note that due to scheduling conflicts, Dierks Bentley will no longer be able to perform at the Dow Live Earth Run for Water event in Minneapolis.

Sorry, Minnesota! But a TV appearance will reach a wider audience, exposing Dierks Bentley's talent to millions in the comfort of their living rooms! Good move, Academy of Country Music. It could've been great, though! Just sayin'!

DB Congress Chair


  1. How disappointing! Him being with Jack Ingram that is. In my opinion inviting Jack Ingram is a poor choice, period. Poor people in Minnesota too. I would be so bummed! I'm glad D is getting tv air time, but like you said "it could have been great!"

  2. well, I'm glad to see him on there, but he should have a spot himself... not with JI. Dierks has earned and deserves time to perform on his own. (not to mention a NOMINATION!) Anyway, at least he's on it so it gives me a reason to watch.

  3. I love Jack Ingram, but I don't like what him and Dierks did with Barbie Doll. I really can't get all that excited about it.