Saturday, April 17, 2010


Imagine my surprise at getting a Facebook friend request from Dierks Bentley's radio show producer, Shannon McCombs. So, being the friendly person that I am, I accepted and sent a quick email in response:

"I heard/saw you on CMT Insider today! I'm sure you know from my profile that I am a HUGE DB supporter. I love his radio show and post a blog every week about it on! I know it's pre-recorded, but sure wish there was a way to let fans call in! Thanks for helping make the show great!"

Never dreamed I'd get a reply, but sure enough:

"Thank you, Ronna. At some point if time permits, we want to do some "live shows", if that happens, you can bet the phones will be wide open! You do a really nice job with the blog and thank you for the mention, very sweet of you. With this new cd coming up - you are going to hear it on this show...definitely.

I am so impressed with Dierks. I've known him for years and anytime I've interviewed him, we would always talk about the legends of country music. He has a great knowledge of country music and truely loves it. He's inspiring to work with. (and you can quote me on that!)"

I believe I just did!

Shannon went on to tell me that she gives a description of the upcoming show to every week, and also posts what's coming up in future weeks. So I checked it out! Coming up this Monday, 4/19 is Marty Robbins, and the following week is one of my favorites, Keith Whitley!
Be sure to listen every Monday to Dierks' radio show, The Thread on WSM 650.

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  1. I listened to some of the show today and I remember when I went to see Marty Robbins in person many years ago not long before his death. He was a great artist and one of my favorites. I was always glad I got to see him before he died.