Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We, The DB Congress, voted tirelessly....and Dierks won the title of Sexiest Man on March Men's Madness. Then, when the CMT Fashion Poll featured Dierks, the DBC again showed our power by voting online and got D the win.

Now, let's go for a 3-peat!

Dierks is up for Male Artist of the Future and Male Artist of All Time in Country Weekly's poll to determine country’s All-Time Sexiest Stars. But hurry! Voting ends June 26 at 11:59 a.m. With over 500 reps now, we can work wonders! Let's make it happen! VOTE HERE!

Special thanks to Meg (DBC in FL) for reminding us of the looming deadline! In fact, Meg helps us out a lot with finding all kinds of Dierks links! Sooooooooo...yes, it's that time again...I have a new title for Meg--Special Research Assistant to the DBC Chair. I know, it's really long...but well deserved!


  1. Thanks Meg, I love this poll 'cause I get to vote for Dolly and Kellie too!!

  2. I've been voting with my multiple e-mail addresses.

  3. I have used all 6 of mine! Are you all writing in Dierks for 2000's? That makes three categories!