Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Dierks Bentley's single, now at #4 in just 14 weeks, almost didn't make the CD, let alone the singles chart. What a huge void that would have been for the radio airwaves!

Alan Sculley wrote an article for labeled, New CD may be 'Fire' Bentley needs. He calls Dierks "one big hit album away from becoming a top tier, arena-headlining country artist."

He continues that the CD "is already showing promise of being a difference-making record for Bentley. The title song went number one on Billboard magazine's Hot Country Singles chart earlier this year, and the second single, "Sideways," has climbed to number five on the latest chart, giving it a shot to match the popularity of the song "Feel That Fire." Bentley is excited about the initial response.

"I really couldn't be more pleased with the way things have turned out with this album," Bentley said in a late-May phone interview. "We released the record and the first song went number one. 'Sideways' is a top five hit right now. The crowds are reacting to that. I think the third single, 'I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes,' I think it's going to be a really big song for us."
Once the album was completed, Dierks was told he was missing one "fun and uptempo" song.

"I went 'Yeah, I think you're right. I want to make sure the scales tip in the fun direction.' So I went back and I wrote about eight or nine songs, and the two that really stuck out were 'Sideways' and 'Here She Comes.' I think they really helped do what I wanted, which was tip the scales in that fun (direction)."

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  1. I hate it when Dierks says something like "I wrote about eight or nine songs" and he only lets us hear two of them! Hehe! Thanks for the article. :)