Monday, June 8, 2009


For those of you NOT on Twitter (me included), here are the latest DB entries...

playing hockey with the angry pirates...rod is here too #fb from TwitterBerry

cool...thx!...good luck. from txt

thanks carrie...was just in hamilton in january. maybe later this
year..thx! from txt

hanging out with @cmt_codyalan...taping cmt
radio...good dude! from TwitterBerry

at cmt...getting ready to tape top 20 countdown and an announcement about
our miles and music concert and motorcycle ride. from TwitterBerry

getting ready for our the db congress/fan club party wednesday...can't wait
to see you guys. from TwitterBerry

I especially like that last one! See ya there, dude!


  1. I think you can have a Twitter feed on your blog. That would be good! :)

  2. I thought Dierks said he wasn't going to Twitter and that Fiona had been doing it???

  3. Nup, Stephanie told me that Dierks is now officially addicted to Twitter!!!! I even got a "Follow" request from him!! =)