Saturday, June 13, 2009


I was hoping to get a huge group photo of all the DB Congress reps who were at LCB but that didn't happen. So, I had to improvise. I walked the line while people were waiting for their M&G and took photos--some wore their DBC Tshirts. Here are just a few DBC reps and their guests I found:

Kim (KY) and Holly (TN):

Lloyd and Lee Ann (KY):

Lee Ann's "I'd rather be at at Dierks Bentley Concert" post-it-notes she gave out to the crowd:

Becky (AR) and Kim (MO):

KY reps Malorie and dad David (DBC Banner/flag):

Anton and Matt:

Angie (SC), Melanie, and Haley (NC):

Leigha (IN) and LeAnna (AL) new fast friends:

Amy and daugther Leigha (IN):

Tim (banjo, steel guitar) and me!

Daughter and mom Kristie (OK):

Mikhael and Kendra (LA):

Mariah, Brandi (Indiana), Nicholle (WV) and Heather (TN):

Janet M. (CA) and Granny Ann (AL):

Susie and Nancy, Representing Texas:

Jamie (DBC Rep of the week) and mom (KY):

Grace and mom Doris (OH):

NH Rep Lora and hubby John:

If you know any names I left out or have any name changes, please let me know so I can correct them!

Next M&G!


  1. Awesome, Ronna! How did you get all those names straight? I love your pic with Tim. I really wanted to meet him.

  2. David, your daughter is beautiful!

    I'm still so bummed I wasn't there ... soon. LCB is in the stars for me in the next 2 years. :)

  3. Aww Thanks nice of you to say!
    Great job Ronna on all the pics and names. I'm loving reading all these blogs - too cool!!

  4. Thx, but as you can see I didn't remember ALL the names...hey Texas girls, ya there? Sorry...please tell us your names.

  5. Wow Ronna!! Thanks for the pics of the DBC reps-loved it!

  6. great to see all those reps!

  7. That's actually Mariah and Brandi (both from Indiana) with Nicholle and Heather. ;)

  8. One of the Texas ladies is Nancy. I don't know which, but I'll email Nancy and give her this link!

    Thank you so much Ronna for this mini photo album, it is awesome to see everyone and put a face with the name.

  9. Texas ladies are Susie on the left and Nancy on the right!