Friday, June 12, 2009


I enjoyed meeting everyone at Dierks Bentley's Last Call Ball fan club party on Wednesday night! I hope you all liked the custom name tags I made!

You all have Janet to thank for the DB Candy! I can't begin to fathom how many hours it took her to wrap all those Hershey miniatures and Smarties!

Thanks to Granny Ann and her granddaughter LeAnna, and Janet for being my LCB DRT buddies for a few days! Great memories!

Keep checking this blog throughout the weekend as I will be posting in stages! Next post will be the pre-concert portion!


  1. Hey Ronna, you are hanging with some pretty good company there! All you ladies do a fabulous job at doing your best to promote Dierks. I'm sure he is very aware of that! The nametags were great, and a awesome design as well. I wonder how many people (like myself) kept the nametag for memorabilia?