Friday, June 12, 2009


I compiled a list of my favorite Top 40 Dierks Bentley Accomplishments/Memorable events since February 1, 2009...enjoy!

  1. Launched Feb. 1
  2. Feel That Fire - the CD - debuts at #1
  3. Feel That Fire - the single reaches #1
  4. Dierks performs Beautiful World at the Nobel Peace Prize concert
  5. Dierks appears on Jay Leno, Jimmy Falon, The Today Show, Regis & Kelly, gets judged by Amer. Idol judge, Paula Abdul
  6. Dierks appears on Kathie Lee and Hoda, Ellen, and Bonnie Hunt
  7. Dierks performs at the Daytona Bud Shootout, and NASCAR uses FTF songs during fade to and from commercials
  8. Dierks presents at the ACM Awards
  9. Evie, Cass & Dierks appears in People and Country Weekly
  10. Dierks COVERS Country Weekly (April 13)
  11. Dierks COVERS American Songwriter magazine MAY-JUNE!
  12. Dierks - a champion for charity - St. Judes event in Tampa, African Children's Choir in Nashville4Africa, goes dark for earth hour, Kasey Kahne Foundation in Atlanta
  13. Dierks to Donald---pick up the acoustic guitar and play some country music! (TMZ)
  14. DBC Turns 400 on Feb. 24!
  15. Dierks wins "sexiest man" title in March Men's Madness--Sweet 16 online WUSF 103.5 Tampa radio contest!
  16. launches Feb 28.
  17. Sideways debuts at #38--best ever!
  18. featured in Country Weekly - What's Onlline - March 23
  19. DBC Reps featured in CW - Alicia, Janet, Mona, Cora's daughter
  20. Town Hall Meeting - April 1
  21. New launches April 1
  22. New name of fan club announced - "DB Congress" - April 1
  23. Dierks performs for George Strait - Artist of the Decade show
  24. Dierks gets new boots! The pants, though....?
  25. Dierks nominated for CMT Music Award -"Country Boy" video with GS, BP, AJ
  26. Dierks labeled "man candy" in a full page OK magazine Q&A
  27. Sideways video launches on itunes...gets a little hip-hop
  28. Dierks picture lands in AAA Going Places magazine - CMA Fest article
  29. Successful Australian tour
  30. Received CMT International Artist Achievement Award
  31. People magazine (Country issue) name Dierks as one of only 12 - Country's Hottest Guys
  32. Dierks wins the Fashion poll on
  33. DBC Turns 500 on June 10 (494 on June 9th--close enough)!
  34. Sideways becomes seventh #1 single (in a few weeks!)
  35. Dierks nominated for CMT Music Award (Country Boy w/AJ, GS & BP)
  36. Dierks to perform on the CMT Music Awards - June 16
  37. CMT One Country partners with Dierks’ Mile & Music For Kids—6 cities
  38. Dierks releases LIVE from SoHo – 6 songs on iTunes
  39. Dierks writes Behind These Walls, newcomer Clay Underwood sings, hits the top 40
  40. Dierks hosts another successful Last Call Ball


  1. Great List!! My personal favourite is no 29. he he. Well done DB!!!

  2. Loved all these, but have to agree with Rach - #29 is my personal fave too!! ^_^

  3. My fav....#20. A shout-out from Fiona and Dierks about the banner!
    But they are all awesome!

  4. I'm very proud of number 16. :)