Saturday, June 20, 2009


As I'm sure you already know by now, "Sideways" is up to #3 on the charts, which is GREAT! And for a while there, it was looking like #1 was almost going to be inevitable next week.

But according to the rolling spin charts at Mediabase 24/7, the Zac Brown Band's "Whatever it Is" has overtaken Dierks and "Sideways" AGAIN, so Congress, we have our work cut out for us in the next couple of weeks!

I've noticed on that there are quite a few stations out there that have "Sideways" lower than the Top 3 on their playlists -- so there is plenty of room for improvement! If you haven't checked out, you definitely should! It's a great way to give feedback to the radio stations about the music they're playing... and to interact with other Congress members and Dierks fans as well!

So let's get our Act of Congress going and get Dierks and "Sideways" up to #1 where they should be! Call, text, or email your local radio stations! Tell those DJs not to play nothin' slow! Let's kick off the Summer a little bit "Sideways!"

I'll be back on Thursday with the next chart update, but feel free to check out the "Sideways" thread on for more information on how the songs are faring!

~ Carrie


  1. Thanks for the info Carrie. You're making me feel a little guilty though - I've not been on for awhile. I'll get there soon!!

  2. I know, I've missed chatting with you! Hope to see you on there soon!

  3. Thank you Carrie! We look forward to your twice a week chart chatter!

  4. Thank YOU for letting me join the team!

  5. I'll be working to get "Sideways" up tp #1! I was on one night last week. I'll try to get on more.