Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DBC MEMBERS OF THE WEEK - Jamie(jmleslie) & Glenda(Aussie_Glenda73)

Jamie (jmleslie)
Jamie is from Ashland, Kentucky and has been a DB fan about 3-4 years. Her favorite DB song is "Lot of Leavin' Left To Do" while Modern Day Drifter is her favorite album. Dierks' unique singing ability and his wonderful, caring personality is what led Jamie to become a fan. She promotes Dierks at concerts and by telling folks how he cares about his fans and that he always goes out of his way to treat them kindly more than any other country artist.
"I love Dierks and his music, and he is one artist who I can say that I am proud to be a fan of because he is more than just a great singer, but he is a great person!"

Glenda (Aussie_Glenda73)
Glenda is from Brisbane, Queenland Australia. She has been a fan since the very beginning. The very first video she ever saw on the Country Music Channel in Australia was Dierks’ video for “What was I Thinkin'” and from that moment she was hooked.She became a fan of Dierks instantly because of his music and style. Listening to his music always manages to make her smile, but these days it is about so much more than just his music.
"Dierks is such a wonderful down to earth guy, who really cares about people. He is so kind and generous to his fans and is really appreciative of their support. His fans return his kindness by supporting him 100%. He is the complete package – a great songwriter, a great singer and an all round nice guy. I would love to meet Dierks in person one day and with any luck my wish is a step closer to becoming a reality thanks to the DB Congress Fanclub."
Glenda promotes Dierks on online social networks, requests his video on Australia's Country Music Channel, and requests songs on radio everyday. She also talks endlessly to her friends about how awesome he is and encourages them to check out and listen to his music.

Thanks ladies for your support and for promoting our President! Welcome to the greatest Congress there is...the DB Congress!

-Amanda (Mississippi Rep, DBC Secretary)


  1. Nice to meet you Jamie and Glenda and thank you for all you do to promote Dierks. Thanks Amanda for the article. :)

  2. Welcome and Hello ladies!