Friday, June 12, 2009


After handing out all the name tags - which was a great way to meet all the DB Congress reps and their guests - and everybody was able to be inside in the cool air, the Bud Lights were free as is customary at LCB. The food was Mexican, although I think I had two bites before the trivia started. Fiona and Coop (aka Mr. Clean) did a great job getting the crowd pumped for Dierks to come out. I couldn't play since I was asked to write the trivia questions so I took photos during that time. Fiona handed out all kind of prizes from Sidways koozie cups to autographed Tshirts and retro Dierks memorabilia.

Here are the trivia questions. How many do you know? Click on "comments" to leave your answers!

  1. What shirt did Dierks wear Wed. June 10 while signing at the Country Music Hall of Fame?
  2. What video game is one of Dierks songs featured on and what song?
  3. When did DB Congress form?
  4. When did the DB Congress officially become the name of the DB Fan Club?
  5. Dierks and TLB performed at the Capitol in Washington DC on July 4th--what 2 songs?
  6. Name 3 ways you can vote for Dierks.
  7. Name 3 talk shows dierks has been on in the last few months.
  8. Name 3 charities/ events Dierks supported recently.
  9. Name 2 books Dierks has read recently.
  10. Clay Underwood sings a song Dierks wrote-name it.
  11. How many #1 hits has Dierks had? Name them in order.
  12. What song had the best debut on the charts? At what number?
  13. What song was co-written by Dierks and Rod and Robbie?
  14. Where was the Sideways video filmed?
  15. Feel That Fire was written by Dierks, Brett Beavers and what 2 others?
  16. Rivers Rutherford co-wrote which song on FTF with Dierks?
  17. What is Dierks favorite line above his autograph?
  18. Which 2 songs on FTF did Dierks NOT co-write?

Now don't cheat by reading your FTF liner notes! I have a prize for the first one who gets them all right!



  1. Great post Ronna - for those of us not fortunate to attend, its a great way to be involved! Cheers, Rach

  2. I'm going to give this a shot.

    1. A black t-shirt?
    2. Rock Band 2/ Free & Easy (which I can 5-star the vocals on!)
    3. April 2007
    4. April 1, 2009
    5. Didn't they perform at the Capitol? Free & Easy and Long Trip Alone.
    7. Bonnie Hunt, Ellen, Regis & Kelly
    8. Kasey Kahne Foundation, St. Jude's, African Children's Choir
    9. Twilight (ugh)
    10. Behind These Walls
    11. What Was I Thinkin'?, Lotta Leavin' Left to Do, Come a Little Closer, Every Mile a Memory, Free & Easy, and Feel that Fire
    12. Sideways at #38
    13. Free & Easy
    14. Nashville...
    15. The Warren Bros.
    16. Better Believer
    17. God Bless! (though he has never written that to me, haha.)
    18. I Can't Forget Her and Last Call (?)

    That was ... fun.

  3. So, you made those questions? well, I'm proud to say that I knew a lot of them and won for naming the 6 #1 hits, 3 ways to vote for Dierks, and the name of the song Dierks wrote that is sung by Clay Underwood! (I had to let my husband claim that one, since I'd already won!) I'm done taking my bow now; it was fun!

  4. I'm gonna give those questions some thinking over!! ;)

  5. Great job with the questions Ronna! Hey Lee Ann, I think even Lloyd was impresed with your quick responses! He was like "She knows her Dierks"! I had just sat down to eat when they started this and I wasn't giving up my food for a shot at a correct question! hehe. Cooper and Fiona did a awesome job of being emcee! What a great way to start things off!!

  6. Wow Carrie! You did great! On #5 you are right--it was the Capitol and I changed it.

    #9 is only half correct, need one more
    #11 is incorrect
    #14 I need more specific

  7. But then I'd feel like I'm cheating and I didn't want to do that! LOL!

    #11 ... OH! What Was I Thinkin?, Come a Little Closer, *Settle for a Slowdown*, Every Mile A Memory, Free & Easy, and Feel That Fire. (I find it sad that Lotta Leavin' didn't hit #1. In my head, it did. :D)

    #14 It was a nightclub in Nashville ... *thinks* Fused? Fuse? Fusion? Something like that?

    And #9 I absolutely can't get without cheating, so I will suck it up and miss one. :)

  8. Close enough! Yes #11 is correct now, and #14-Sideways was filmed inside Fuse nightclub inside the Opryland Hotel. #9--the other book is The Reader.

    Please email me your mailing address and I will send your prize!

  9. Weee! Oh I read that book, too!

    Fun times! Thanks, Ronna!

  10. Congrats Carrie! Job well done!! :)