Friday, June 12, 2009


When the trivia was almost over, Coop said Dierks would be out in about 17 minutes, but I don't think it was even 5. Dierks just came walking out like he was part of the production crew--no introduction, no announcement, just him and his guitar. "Hey guys how ya doin?" Caught me by surprise. I thought I was gonna have a few minutes to eat, but forget that!

Of course the place went wild. Rod and Tim and Dierks played acoustic the whole set--no Set List--all songs were pretty much on request. Robbie and Steve came out and made an appearance before they started.

A man of his word, Dierks had promised previously to sing "Don't Leave Me In Love" and he did it beautifully! His voice the entire 70 minutes was at his ultimate best...the words though...he sometimes changed up...uh...for effect, right?

That's what I love about Dierks--he's NOT perfect--that's how he stays down to earth with his fans, who are not perfect either--at least I know I'm not. He laughed it off and at one point even apologized and said he was embarrased for forgetting the words, but dude--no need to be sorry! We were the one's throwing out requests that you probably hadn't sung in forever. We totally love you for trying--just hearing your voice was enough! Our love in unconditional.

So, without further rambling, I have a few videos for you below. The complete set list is here, too, and Nid has the entire audio from XM Radio for you on

Don't Leave Me In Love (video)
Wish It Would Break (video)
Distant Shore
Life On The Run
Come A Little Closer
So So Long
Hey Jordan (video--highlight of the evening)
I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes
Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go)
Better Believer (video)
Cab Of My Truck
What Was I Thinking?

Dont Leave Me In Love:

Wish It Would Break:

Hey Jordan:

Better Believer:

End of What Was I Thinkin' and final comments before M&G:

There are more LCB V videos on YouTube.

Next blog...the congress!


  1. Thanks for the videos! Loved watching it again.

  2. Those were awesome! :) Cool that he sang So So Long and Distant Shore, two of my favorite songs.

  3. 'Hey Jordan' is such a great song. I was wiping some tears away thinking about my grandma that's for sure.

  4. I got the audio from Nid and LOVED Hey, Jordan. What a beautiful, heartfelt song. :)

    It was such a treat to hear Distant Shore again. His intro to SFAS on tour sounds somewhat like Distant Shore and in Charlotte AND Raleigh it totally threw me off.

    Clearly I need him to headline again so I can hear the old stuff!

    Loving the blogs, Ronna!

  5. Loved the videos Ronna!!

  6. Wow! Loved the videos!
    I got teary listening to Hey Jordan. He definitely played some GREAT songs! ;)

  7. Yah for 'Don't Leave Me in Love.' It took us 2 years to get him to play it, but well worth the wait!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the videos. Wished I could have been there with the congress. Dawn