Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've always said Dierks Bentley is my number one artist. Heck, he's my #2, #3, and #4 favorite. But if there has to be a #5--it has to be Keith Urban. The DB Feel That Fire CD has been "stuck" in my car's CD player since the end of January--that is until Keith's Defying Gravity CD arrived in my mailbox. Does anybody else feel like they're cheating on Dierks when you take his CD out to plug in another artist's music?

Although I won't be able to experience the few concerts Dierks and Keith are performing together live and in person...I can imagine it through the stories and photos of fellow DB Congress reps like Debra, David, Kimmiejo, Debbie, Jessica and Tanya! You can, too! Keep reading....they wanna make you close your eyes and "hear and see" Dierks and Keith in your minds eye...

"All I can say is WOW-what a high energy show by Dierks and Keith! It was awesome and Dierks and the band looked like they were having a great time! Dierks' voice sounded so good (as usual) and he pointed out to us fans with our DB Congress tees on! Thanks, Dierks, for recognizing your fan club like that--means alot!

He sang Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes and mentioned that it would be the new single! He brought back some bluegrass with a rendition of Come A little Closer--very nice sound by the guys--love the bluegrass! Really like the red sirens and the intro for FTF-very cool! What a moment when Dierks joined Keith onstage for a song-it was so fantastic to see those two together! They sang "Take It To The Limit"-an old Eagles fave of mine-and Keith mentioned that they had performed it the night before (in Roanoke) and destroyed it so they hoped it would be better!(LOL-how could anything by those two be bad?) It was GREAT-but Dierks was so funny because he said he had written some of the lyrics on his arm to help him remember. They sounded so good together and it was a moment I will never forget!

The people behind us asked about our DBC tees--way to go Congress! I always have several people ask me about my DBC tee. We look so cool! Thanks again Mona!

We got to meet Kim, Laura, Melissa, Tanya and Sarah. So great to meet new fan club members. Staci and I stopped by the arena earlier in the day and got to meet those girls waiting by the bus. I got a great pic of the Jeep but it was soooo hot and since Staci is recovering from her chemotherapy treatments we couldn't stay. Thanks to you girls for being so kind to Staci--it meant a lot to her. This concert was her "no more chemo" celebration and it was the best medicine for her! We had an amazing time! Once again thanks Dierks for always recognizing your fans--we definitely love you back!"

"WOW is all I know to say! Awesome show with lots of high energy. After Dierks played his set I thought I was at a rock concert. Don't get me wrong - I had a blast. Just hard for me to put Keith in a country music genre. JMO!

I picked up Carissa in Nashville and we drove to Huntsville. I parked my car on top of one of the parking garages. I then hoisted the DBC Banner for all to see. It was about 2:00 so we walked over by the buses. As we rounded the corner I got a quick glimpse of Dierks getting on the bus. So, at least I knew he was there. I guess my main goal at this show was to talk to Dierks and introduce him to Carissa. She is a KU nut but loves the music of Dierks, too. A while later Dierks came off his bus and came over to talk to us. Again, I feel he saw my Congress shirt (thanks Mona) and wanted to come and say "hi".

He said "David, good to see you here" and asked me if I was flying the banner. I said "yep, it's flying out front on top of the parking garage."

I wanted to tell Dierks how I met Carissa - it was at Nid's wedding. She met Nid on his SLYF site over two years ago and was his "best woman" at the wedding. The weekend of the wedding Carissa was complaining about how bad the pre-sale seats were for the Keith show in Denver. I had just got my 14th row floor seats for the show in Huntsville a few days before the wedding. So I told Carissa that if she could get to Huntsville, I'd give her a ticket.

I just wanted Dierks to understand that we were there together because of a guy that lives 3800 miles away in England! And to understand the friendships that are formed because of his music. When I told this to Dierks he looked at Carissa and said "Well, lets get a picture together". So I snapped a pic of Dierks and Carissa with her camera. Nid is going to be so jealous!! LOL
Dierks' set was high energy as always. He opened with FTF and that really got the crowd going. I loved the bluegrass version of CALC - thought that was cool! Dierks did point to and acknowledge the Congress reps that were there, and for that we are grateful. Thanks Dude! He did play a few more songs than he does on the Brad tour but I wish he could have played more. His set list was awesome!

As for Keith - loved his stage, his lighting, and his set list. That man has some super fast hands and can play the heck out of a guitar! After seeing him live I now have a new perspective on how I hear his music on the radio. For me, I love his slow songs that are deep in lyrics. Absolutely loved "You'll Think Of Me". It was awesome when Keith played a couple of songs in the back of the arena. He climbed up on the sound board platform and said "So now who has the good seats". I thought that was cool!

Dierks and Cassidy were spotted sitting by the sound board while Keith played from there. I also saw Dierks on the side of the arena on the floor watching part of the Keith show. Everything about this night was amazing as I will not soon forget!"

Tawny Tucker, aka, Country Music Tattle Tale blogger, saw Dierks arrive on one of Keith’s motorcycles.

"He had already taken a jeep-ride that day. We also saw Keith arrive. I was very very disappointed that neither of them signed autographs then for the small group of only 9 people. The sun was blazing, and it would have been great if they had just put us out of our misery. I did find out, that Dierks eventually came out around 5pm to sign and take pictures…Unfortunately, I was primping for the show.

If you have never seen Dierks in concert…Don’t walk…RUN! Do not miss him! Dierks is filled with energy and really has the ability to get the crowd pumped up. He sang all of his hits...and a new blue-grass version of “Come a Little Closer” which I wasn't super fond of, and the VERY sexy “I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes” was added to the set list…THANK GOODNESS!!!

The highlight of my night (well, life actually) is when he sang “How Am I Doin?”…My seat was right next to the end of the catwalk…Dierks reached out and grabbed my hand a few times…I was actually gonna turn and go back to my seat,when he sat down and pulled my hand toward him…He spun me around, sang to me, and asked my name. There is a very very very shaky video of this, and unfortunately, it doesn’t show a lot…So, if anyone else got a picture or video…PLEASE SEND IT TO ME! Those beautiful blue eyes made my knees weak…Dierks-NEVER stop doing that…Never stop holding girls hands and making them feel like they are the only one in the room…You’ve made this mom of two feel like a teenager again, and I’m oh-so-grateful.

When Dierks left the stage, my heart sank…I mean, I am a HUGE Keith Urban fan, but he has NEVER sang to me; so needless to say, I coulda watched Dierks run all over the stage for the rest of the night. For the next 30 minutes, I sat in dis-belief and awe that I was just personally sung to by Dierks Bentley…OH MY GOD!

One more pic request...There was a little girl with a cast that I held up to get touched by Dierks...She did, but her mom didn't get a picture of it...So, if any of y'all did...email me and I'll forward it to her mom...Thanks!!!

I'm a definite Dierks fan now...like..I was before, but it's a whole new level now. "

" First of all I have been to a lot of concerts and I mean a lot--but this one was by far the best for a lot of reasons. We didn't have reservations for a place to stay because we were not sure if we were going to spend the night until the day before because we only live about an hour and a half away but we knew we would be very tired and wouldn't feel like driving back home. So we first checked the Embassy Hotel, they didnt have a vacancy so we went across the street to the Holiday Inn just hoping we would be able to get something there since it was within walking distance. We were in luck they still had rooms available. We checked in and carried our stuff to our room.

We decided to walk across the street to the buses hoping we would get a glimpse of the man. We were standing there waiting for the elevator to get to the third floor giggling like school girls. When it arrived and the doors opened a man walked out smiled and said hi to us and I'm thinking OMG thats Tim! My 2 partners in crime had already gotten on the elevator so instead of saying hey wait like I should have, I got on the elevator and I said girls that was just Dierks steel guitar player Tim, they said OMG you are kidding and I said no Im not. They said why didnt you say something? Well, Im a little slow sometimes and I guess I was just shocked to see him getting off the elevator on the same floor that we were on at the Holiday Inn.

Anyway they fussed at me about our missed opportunity the whole time we were walking around site seeing. Anyway we went back to the hotel to get ready for the show and Debra called asking where I was and I told her we would be right there. So we walked back over there I finally found where to get my m&g pass to see when and where to meet and I got in a line that was pretty long and stood there for a few minutes looking around to see if I could spot Debra or any congress rep.

They came out and opened a new line so I got in it pretty close to the front and I was standing there trying to get my m&g sticker off and someone waving and yelling got my attention and it was Debra and Staci. We found out that the doors weren't going to open on time and I was about to panic because the m&g was supposed to start at 6:30 so we were all late getting there which cut everything short. I was a little disappointed about that but thats ok because it was a good one anyway.

I was the only one there with a Congress T on. When I walked up to him he got my shoulders and turned me so he could see the back for the state I represent. Then they took the pic and he pulled me up really close. I was in heaven. Then he signed my FTF cover and said I hope to see you soon and I told him I would follow him anywhere! He just doesn't know how soon he will be seeing me!

When I left the m&g walking around trying to find how to get to my seat I hear someone say hey DB Congress, I looked up and it was David ready with a high five. We introduced ourselves and he introduced me to Carissa. I finally got to my seat and looked over to my right and there was David again and he was talking to Debra and Staci so not having officially met Debra yet I went over and gave her a big hug, I love ya girl.

So all of us Reps had our pic taken together then Jessica walked up. I wish we had more time to hang out . Anyway the show got started and Dierks was TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME. I hung out with Jessica and Amy back by the buses for about an hour, I enjoyed that so much Jessica.

I went back to the Hotel around midnight and the other girls decided they wanted to go to the bar and have a drink. When we got there there was a blonde girl sitting at the bar talking to a guy sitting beside her and she pointed at me because I still had my Congress T on and when he turned around I saw it was Jay (from Dierks' crew). I was in shock all over again. I could not believe Jay was sitting at the bar in the Holiday Inn. I just could not bring myself to say anything and interupt his evening so I just sat there thinking if Tim is here and Jay is here I wonder if Dierks is here. Guess I will never know now."

Amanda and I got to see Dierks at the back of the stadium about 4:30. We walked out of the parking garage behind the stadium and he was there talking and signing for several women who had gathered there.

I recently made a photobook of pictures of me & Dierks over the last 6 years. I wrote a short message in his copy and he wrote in mine, "Debbie, thanks for being with us from the beginning," and signed his name to it.

Not long after that David and Carissa showed up. But Dierks came back out of the stadium into the bus and when David hollered at him he held up his finger as to say "Just a minute." Sure enough he came back out and talked to David and Carissa before going back into the stadium. A man true to his word! "

Great reviews Debra, David and Kimmie!! It was so nice to meet you guys and to see you again Kimmie! I was so proud to be wearing my congress TEE~ Thanks Mona! Right when D got going good he spotted the Tee and pointed at me and gave me the 'fist' which was SO COOL! A little later on in the show he did it again!

I saw him do the same to where Debra was sitting! Thanks for noticing Dierks! The Show was so Awesome!! I, of course, wish D's set was a little longer but he was beyond great! I liked the little twist with CALC (bluegrass).

During Keith's set they let us get by the catwalk. It was so amazing!! Keith played his little heart out!! I love his stage sets too! When Dierks came back out I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face! The two of them were so entertaining! And him having the words written on his arm was hilarious!"


  1. It was great seeing all those DB Congress shirts all together!

  2. Thanks for posting these reviews here. In a different way we all said the same thing....the show was incredible!! Hard to say when these two will do a show together again. I was so proud to be there!

  3. Thanks for sharing the reviews. I'm delighted for everybody and envious too. :)

  4. GREAT review of the show!! Sooo wish I had been there, but that's why I'm so glad for everyone's wonderful reviews because that way I'm pretty much at the show! Thanks!! Kim, we didn't really have plans on staying over night because we're about like y'all not living too far, but we tried the same Holiday Inn when we went a couple of years ago. I think it was while we were checking in and I still had rollers in my hair and I did not want to get out unless we had a room lol! But Momma came back telling me that while they were at the desk the person working there was asking if we were there for the show that night and Momma said yes and the person saw a guy go by and mentioned that it was Sugarland's bus driver. So during shows at the VBC, you never know who you'll run into at that Holiday Inn. Just the same way if you stayed at the Sheraton across from the BJCC in Bham! Can't wait to see y'all in a couple more weeks - Debra, Kim and others!!

  5. How great that you all are in support of eachother & Dierks and proudly representing in your congress Tshirts...it's like we are all part of an exclusive underground cult lol jk :)!!
    I loved reading each one of your blogs and all of your perspectives on such an exciting night! Dave how cool are you the banner looked AWESOME!!! You all rock felt like I was partying with u all :)

  6. Those are such awesome reviews! Thank you for sharing them with all of us. I love hearing about us fans meeting up with others. And thank you for wearing your DBC shirts, seeing your pictures and hearing your stories makes me glad I do this!