Monday, June 29, 2009


One sure-fire way of getting a Dierks song to No. one is to light a match under the 500+ DB Congress reps. And they blazed a trail straight to NUMBER ONE, making SIDEWAYS the seventh single of Dierks Bentley's career to top the charts, and two No. One's in a row from his Feel That Fire CD that also debuted in the top spot!
According to Country Aircheck's mid-year airplay report, Bentley trails only megastar Keith Urban as the most played male artist on country radio so far this year. Bentley's undeniable appeal has garnered the attention of national media outlets with MSN's prediction that Bentley is "poised to reach country's most elite level," and this week Forbes named Bentley to its Top 10 list of "Next Breakout Stars" based on likeability and awareness.

Congratulations Dierks and a huge THANK YOU to all the DBC reps who spent all their free time voting online at, calling their DJ's relentlessly, and telling everyone they know about our prez and his extraordinary music and artistic talent! And thank you to all the DJ's who listened to us and played Sideways thousands of times a day! Special Thanks to V-Girl and Hank Dale at WQYK who put up with my constant clammering for Dierks/Sideways attention daily! YOU ROCK!
We love ya, Dude! Time to play and get a little bit Sideways and celebrate!
DB Congress Chair


  1. YEAH BUDDY! And now that I have unlocked the secret of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart ... hopefully my reporting will be a bit more accurate. ;)

    I'm so excited I did the Sideways dance while I was taking my walk earlier. YAY!!!

  2. Fantastic news! So happy for Dierks.

  3. Congrats Dude! And hey, how 'bout a little insight on when the ceremony will take place - would love to be there!!
    Great job Congress!! :)

  4. Awesome news!! Good thing he put the song on the album at the last minute. :p

  5. AWESOME it's about time!!!!
    Congrats DB you deserve all of this recognition after all of your hard work xxo

  6. Congratulations, Dierks and of course, to us, too....the DB Congress!!!!!!!

  7. Hurray! Maybe this will help boost sales of the FTF CD. According to a blurb in CW, it's #4 on the list of best-selling country albums released in the first 6 months of 2009 at 197,000. Rascal Flatts' Unstoppable is #1 - way ahead of everyone else with 725,000, then Keith Urban (387,000), Jason Aldean (279,000), Dierks, & Kenny Chesney (133,000) as the top 5.

  8. Congrats to DB and to the DB congress. Talk about people power!!! Everyone should be happy! The Aussies are working hard to get Dierks to NO 1 Down Under as well!!